DCS Software Version 3.11 Description

The latest version (3.11) of the software used in the DCS system adds a few new features to revision 3.1 for operating M.T.H.'s Coors Light Silver Bullet Train (Item No. 30-1433-1) and continues on using software control under the command of the remote control’s memory rather than the TIU’s memory. Initial releases of the software had both the remote and the TIU sharing the memory settings for various commands and operations of the DCS operating system. Now, with the exception of custom sounds, all memory functions will be stored in the remote.

Because the memory assignments are dramatically different in Version 2.X and earlier, upgrading the code is required in both the remote and the TIU. The system will not function correctly if only one of the two components has been updated. In addition, if the remote and the TIU are currently running any version of 2.X DCS software, both must be reset using the appropriate System menu commands prior to uploading the Version 3.11 software into the remote and the TIU. By resetting both components, all previous information and settings (engines, accessories, switches, etc.) entered into the remote and TIU will be lost and must be reentered by the user after the software update has been completed. Users upgrading from 3.0 and higher will not have to reset the remote and TIU prior to uploading the new 3.11 software.

There are two software files attached to the download. Both feature the same numeric code and should be used together (the appropriate file for the remote and TIU) when migrating from Version 3.0 or earlier. If a user has previously programmed Version 3.1 into their TIU (file name of TIU3_10c.tiu), it is only necessary to upload the remote code (file name remote3p11.rem) into your remote as the Version 3.11 TIU code (file name TIU3_11.tiu) is exactly the same as the TIU code in Version 3.1.

The user must use the most recent DCS Loader Program, Version 1.83 in order to upload Version 3.11 into the TIU and Remote. Earlier versions of the DCS Loader Program will not function with the Version 3.11 code.

Version 3.11 Adds The Following Remote Features

Version 3.1X Adds The Following TIU and Remote Features

Version 3.1 Resolves The Following TIU & Remote Issues

Version 3.X Resolves The Following TIU & Remote Issues

Version 3.X Adds The Following TIU and Remote Features